Our manufacturing plant

G-NIUS developed unique materials and techniques to manufacture the most efficient, secure and comfortable G-protection Systems ever. We manufacture “G-RAFFE Smart G-protection” Suit as a radically novel PNEUMATIC Full Body Compression G-protection Suit in the style of a flight coverall, while proposing in parallel the same Compression Principle developed totally new as a vastly more efficient, faster donning/doffing, much more comfortable G-protection Pants.

Manufactured in our own, completely equipped, very spacious production facility from exclusive ultra-light breathable fabric, quick and effective pneumatic muscles, our unique patented Compression Principle eliminates the shortfalls of any other standard G protections systems and gives “G-RAFFE Smart
G-protection” Suit as well as “G-RAFFE Smart G-pants” an unrivalled
level of security, efficiency and flight comfort.


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G-NIUS Switzerland Inc.
Group Headquarters
Route de Crassier 11
CH-1262 Eysins

+41 22 575 66 80